If you are keen on treading on the path less taken, trekking has to be on top of your travel itinerary. So, whenever you travel to a new place, head out and give your legs and lungs some exercise, because almost every place has some incredible views to offer than just the distant views from your room window.

Temple Tour

India is an epitome of temples of many beliefs. The Indian temples as a matter of fact have been attracting people from around the globe since the civilizations even began. Across the stretch of the country, one can find temples of all faiths with historic significance; emitting divine presence.

River Rafting

One of the most thrilling water sports, river rafting is best enjoyed with your friends and/or family. Whether you decide to go for the shorter lenght, say 6 km, or go all the way (21 km), make sure you are well-prepped and follow all instructions.

Photography Tour

If your lenses speak more than you do, you are in for a treat. Take splendid pictures of the things you love, in the city you love as you take an immersive photography tour. Bonus: Your Instagram would love it too.


Bonfire nights with your loved ones has to be one of the most amazing experiences. And to ensure that you get a chance to sit around a crackling fire, complete with delicious snacks, some slow and old Hindi songs and the company of your friends and family, we have made all the arrangements.